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Hello everyone,

Due to the COVID - 19,  all salon services will be by appointment only.  Beginning April 9

, 2021 clients we be asked to bring  proof of your vaccination shot(s).  Merchandise can be purchased inside salon, curbside (72  hours notice), online orders are available.

At this time of the C.O.V.I.D-19-Coronavirus has plagued the world. We will be respecting one another by using the physical 6 feet stance, and abide by the stay at home orders. This will continue regardless of the rumors that have traveled around the globe. Some of us will use our down time to help those in need.  So be safe, respect your neighborhood, and may God bless you all!

Let Us Pray.

We are working to follow the social distancing (we will allow one client at a time) and sanitation laws, so when you enter our business please have on your mask and wear gloves, you will wash your hands and sanitized them in the salon.  If  you have active allergies or feel sick please reschedule your appointment. 

There is still, a one person allowed entry during services.

 Thank you for caring!

JG's Salon and  Associates




and Lashes

Thank you, and 

your f​riends for

 choosing us!

Why Our Clients 

Choose Us

We steer away from the cookie cutter look, thats why our techniques are accepted, and the clients will learn many take home tips to help maintain their looks!



1344 N Town ​East Blvd 

Enter at

Door 200  

Mesquite, TX. 75150

Next to the Mattress Firm

By Appointment Only 

Starting in 2021 all new client must stop in for a consultation 14 days in advance 


(682) 320-7799

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Text or Call (682) 320-7799